Restaurant Cleaning

As a restaurant owner, you want five-star ratings, favorable reviews, and social media shares that reflect the high quality of your restaurant. With Bay Area's Cleaning Team, customers will feel comfortable and relaxed in a clean eating environment and will be more likely to revisit and recommend your restaurant to friends and family.


From customer satisfaction to federal regulations, cleanliness can’t be overlooked. Bay Area's Cleaning Team is a company with certified cleaning professionals who will fulfill your front- and back-of-house cleaning needs.


B.A.C.T. is there for you, even when you’re crunched for time. We promise a superior deep clean alongside a quick response that you can count on.


Clean restrooms at a restaurant are just as important as clean silverware. Dirty restrooms can overshadow delicious food and excellent service. Bay Area's Cleaning Team will get all the hard to reach, high-touch and very visible areas. With focus on the details, B.A.C.T won’t miss a thing.

To learn more about our cleaning services, reach out today at (510) 941-6186

Outsourcing your restaurant’s cleaning can minimize costs, ensure a professional result, and give you the time to focus on what’s really important.

Bay Area's Cleaning Team hold one of the highest standards of health and hygiene, including those set by FDA, OSHA, and CDC.

Customize your cleaning to fit your budget. Get a schedule that fits your hours and specific needs.

Feel confident knowing that your restaurant and kitchen will be cleaned properly. The cleaners at B.A.C.T. are knowledgeable and efficient.