"Great work. Very attentive to what needed to be done. Very friendly team members. I would definitely hire again and recommend others hire this team."

- Jeff P.

"The best cleaning company that I have ever came in contact with. The crew is very professional and once they finished the job you can tell that it was expertly done. Other company's quality of work does not match Bay Area's. I wish this was my first choice. You have to try them."

- Genella M.

"I appreciate when someone I hire puts as much attention to details as I do. Jonathan did a very thorough job & I will continue to use his company’s services for all my cleaning needs."

- Ali H.

"We recently inherited our brother’s beer garden which he operated for 5 years. Suddenly we were in charge of everything. It was time for our hoods to be cleaned and we had just fired our janitor. We twice attempted to hire the company that cleaned them in prior years. But they stood us up at 5 a.m. The clock was ticking.

Enter Jonathan, the BACT owner. Jonathan is a warm person who is passionate about everything in the restaurant business. As an experienced Chef, he is uniquely qualified to tackle any kitchen project, even ones you may be unaware of are necessary to operate a streamlined, cost-effective restaurant.

We set a few appointments with Bay Areas Cleaning Team to clean the hoods. This time, we had to cancel due to other circumstances. They understood.

Then the health inspector was due. We called BACT again. Despite our prior cancellations, they were immediately responsive to our urgent need for a thorough hood and stove cleaning. BACT was timely, worked diligently and efficiently overnight to clean the hoods and stove. The inspector arrived and after 1.5 hours of inspection, all BACT’s work was perfect! It really helps to have a sparkling kitchen. We are now regular customers of BACT. We can sleep at night confident that all the kitchen equipment is clean and safe in BACT’s hands. We highly recommend BACT, just don’t take our spot!"

- Phyllis Voisenat, CEO, Moxy Beer Garden

Really pleased with the work Jonathan and Pedro got done today. They were able to remove burnt on stains, degrease the entire kitchen space and polish everything. They were very responsive, professional, and easy to work with. Highly recommend Bay Area's Cleaning Team!!!

- Steve B.

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